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3D Print

As the 3D printing industry continues to grow, the capabilities of this emerging technology continues to shift and evolve. PRcom Innovations invests its ideas into the best entire spectrum of the 3D printing ecosystem, including 3D printer manufacturing, industrial and consumer services, marketplaces and materials.

Problem Statement :

As we understand, the manufacturing industry puts a lot of men-power, costs and time investments into their product development process. Lets say a small toy made up of plastic has to undergo process like heating the plastic particles together, shaping it and then cooling it. This for a particular size and shape. If size and shape changes, the dies needs to be changed.

Solution :

With evolution of 3D Printers, we just draw / upload the picture of end result we need, turn on the power button and let 3D printer do its job. Dont worry about differenct sizes, shapes, colors and efficiency. We save time and lot of efforts presenting same / better quality output than the conventional way.

Some Features :

- Large built volume
- High precise nozzles
- LED Touch screen display
- Smart Leveling
- Intelligent Model Slicing Software
- Supporting Remote Feeding
- Supporting different size filaments
And many more..