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Standing roughly 5 feet tall, our automatic intelligent robot provides seamless service as an office and delivery robot. It can hold up to 10kg of weight on her trays, and is equipped with SLAM Tech, making navigation an ease. Perfect for offices, restaurants, hospitals, shopping malls and promotional settings, ours is a robot that will stand out from the crowd!

Problem Statement :

On restaurant and cafe, as the wages for on-duty employees are increasing, it affects the profit margins of business owners. Also its nowadays very problematic to stand in queues for banks, payments in malls, restaurants etc.

Solution :

Our integrated Robots can be used in Hospitals for guiding the patients to specific wards during emergencies, they can even go to shopping malls and buy you items you ask it for. On personal use, you can use it for domestic purpose in your house to make life easy.

Some Features :

- Easy and Economic maintenance
- Stable in Performance and durable in Lifetime
- High efficiency with optimized internal design and control system
- High quality speaker : play music when walking, different voice at different site
- Movable arms: visual body language,more humanized
- Navigation and positioning system : depth vision and high precision radar sensors, more optimal navigation and positioning technology
- balance chassis : adaptive to a variety of ground environment, walking more stable.
- Ultra high pixel wide angle camera : indoor monitoring and face recognition
And many more..