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Domotics – Smart Home System

A complete smart home solution for people living in smart era. Why not allow the Internet work with programmed Domotics to take care of all your house hold activities ? Our equipment is a universal remote control for you to control infrared / RF devices through your smartphones.You can control your TV, Air conditioners, DVD as well as you can set your ideal room temperatures you want. A safety added on door, you can have video of your guests standing on other side of door and can communicate with them on voice and video.

Problem Statement :

With different devices at your home, almost every device comes with a different set of remote control. Although we have wi-fi at home, most of us just limit our daily use to do web search and watching vidoes / movies.

Solution :

An extensive all-in-one Domotics programmed system will now use to turn all your remote controls to mobile phone. you can now control the devices just from your phone. Security wise, you can lock / unlock doors on 1 tap on mobile screen.If video feed is activated through CCTV, then it becomes best combination.

Some Features :

- All in 1 remote controlled by only 1 smart phone. Supports 5000+ models of home appliances like TV, Set-Top box, Air Conditioning, Loudspeaker Box, Motor Curtains, etc.
- Smart Sensor IFTTT interation
- Powerful and Stable function
- Smart Linkage
- Health Sleep
And many more..