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Holographic Projector

Projection film has high light transmittance and diffusion, making excellent color reappearance. It is very useful in displaying, advertisement for outdoor which makes your normal and colorless shop window into a dynamic and fantastic experience. Holographic Projector also can be cut into any shapes as you like to make it alive and entertainment. Projection film makes your shopping window to be attractive among many competitors.

Problem Statement :

For product based businesses, there is a high need for advertizing their products in best possible way. A business needs to invest a lot in various ways of advertizing means to make sure they are able to showcase all thier products and its features.

Solution :

Holographic Projector comes with high-quality smooth polyester film material, by a layer of spread adhesive, hardened layers, antistatic layers, with water can be easily attached to the glass and use a transparent acrylic board. It has a clear and bright image quality, ultra-light weight and double-sided imaging. It is easy to install, Size can be customized cut, any shape, any size is avaliable. particularly suitable for rough environments.The high refresh rate, no flash, low visual fatigue, without any harm to human body, so no need to worry about your healthy,just enjoy the visual pleasure.

Some Features :

- Can display vivid and clear images.
- Wide viewing angle.
- Performs exceptionally well even in high ambient lighting or bright daylight conditions.
- True colour reproduction from any angle.
- Perfectly suitable for Videos, DVD and data projection.
- Can be cut to any shape and size.
- Lightweight and easy to install on glass of shop windows.
- Can be applied to rigid & clear acrylic panels to create easily-portable displays.
And many more..