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Location Tracker

A personal GPS Tracker with multiple safety features like fall detection, child safety tracking with Geo fencing alarm, voice monitoring with GPS technology is highly in in demand nowdays. We propose this little device to not only ensure securing your worthy belongings, but also for safety of your loved ones.

Problem Statement :

There are many incidences we see like we tend to forget / misplace our valuable belongins like bags, wallets etc. There are also safety concerns when it comes to kids or elderly parents who are staying alone.

Solution :

For personal safety, this miniature device can be tagged along with your worthy belongings like wallet, travel bags, etc. So that you never lose or misplace them. You can track the real time exact location as well as location history on your mobile. Regarding safery of your loved ones, these tags can send SOS in case of the kid crosses the predefined safe boundary, or else in old age homes, if elders fall down due to any ill health or emergency issues, it notifies you so you can take care immediately.

Some Features :

- Mini sized, Weather-proof IP67, Rubber handle paint, feels comfortable.
- Device can be charged by docking station and micro USB
- Real time tracking by GPS satellite.
- Fall detection for children and elderly, patient.
- With rechargeable 900mah Lithium battery. Standby time: 30days.
- Built-in 3D G-sensor for motion, shock alarm and power management.
- Built in 8MB flash memory.
- SOS emergency button.
- Geo-fencing alarm, Over speed alarm.
- GPS signal lost and recovery alert.
- Movement alarm.
- Real time tracking on a map from a computer or on the go with free mobile APP.